What’s Your Party’s Mission?

Your mission may be obvious to you when you’re a solo event producer just making it all happen. As soon as you add anyone to your team, you’re going to need a defined mission. This sentence should clearly express why you do what you do. You should come back to this sentence again and again. Define and refine it as often as your mission changes. Write it on every related scrap of paper you create for the event. Seriously put it at the bottom of your call sheet, run sheet, website, everything!

Yes making sure everyone understands the mission up-front is time consuming but it will create a cohesion that will save you tons in the future. Deciding what NOT to do for your events is actually harder than deciding what to do. There’s always many more things that you COULD add than you’ll ever be able to add. The mission defines what is in-scope for this event and what you can decline. Syncing your team on the mission will help them proactively make these decisions with the core purpose in mind so you don’t always have to be the person saying no all the time.


You can think of your mission as WHAT your event is here to do and your values as HOW you will do it. Your values affect every offering at your event. For example, here is how different values would be reflected in your registration area:

Lots of clearly branded signage from parking lot to registration area. Straight line of color-coded tables with rows of staff dressed in matching t-shirts. Extra volunteers to direct traffic.
Unmarked entrance from the street, secret password to enter, checked off guest list by candlelight, given charm bracelet to enter.
Sumptuous reception area filled with overstuffed furniture and soft fabrics. Each guest personally led to a private salon where they are served decadent beverages and bites while they are languidly registered and adored with a flower crown.

Again, syncing your team on values is a lot like the mission work. It takes longer at the start but will give your team the information they need to make crucial decisions about what belongs at your event.  

Pick Your Values Activity

Give the team only a few minutes to work on each prompt.

  1. Write down 10 values that stand for the way they want this event to work. What is their highest expression that they can bring to this audience?
  2. Narrow those 10 values down to the 5 most important.
  3. Then narrow those 5 down to the 3 most important.
  4. Then go around the circle and each person says the values they chose and why.
  5. Come together to choose the top 5 values for your event.

What did you come up with?